Back to nature!

Many of use prefer clothes made from organic materials. Good news: this is now possible for swimwear too! And you can find organic bikinis on the market. This will bring your bikini experience to a new level.

Many organic bikinis are made using organic cotton. The beauty of organic cotton is that it is ecofriendly from the start, Organic cotton is grown without pesticides from plants which are not genetically modified. For instance, the
Sustainable Cotton Project helps "move farmers through the changeover from chemically-dependent to more biological sound approaches. The ultimate goal of “sustainable cotton” is to move sustainable production, manufacturing and use practices throughout the cotton value chain in order to create a healthy and profitable industry for growers, their communities, manufacturers, retailers and users of all cotton products." You can find a good summary of Organic Cotton Facts on the website of the Organic Trade Association.

Other materials are also used, for instance organic bamboo. First time I heard about "bamboo clothes," I was puzzled. But try it once, and you will be convinced, not only for your next bikini! See for instance the website of the UK-based
Bamboo Clothing. On their blog, Shellie & Michael Lackman, the founders of Lotus Organics, explain well the advantages of bamboo:

"Bamboo just might be the world’s most sustainable resource. It is the fastest growing grass and can shoot up a yard or more a day. Bamboo reaches maturity quickly and is ready for harvesting in about 4 years. Bamboo does not require replanting after harvesting because its vast root network continually sprouts new shoots which almost zoom up while you watch them, pulling in sunlight and greenhouse gases and converting them to new green growth. And bamboo does this the natural way without the need for petroleum-guzzling tractors and poisonous pesticides and fertilizers."

And now, start the hunt for your next, organic bikini. First, read a review of some organic bikini products on the website. Enjoy!

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